• Question: is it true you can die of sneezing? :)

    Asked by drstilesjlstermerrygold98 to Damien, Rachael, Suzi, Tim on 22 Jun 2011. This question was also asked by purplegiraffe.
    • Photo: Suzi Gage

      Suzi Gage answered on 22 Jun 2011:

      Hi @drstiles
      I’ve not ever heard of anyone dying from sneezing, so I don’t think so. Maybe if you’re driving and you sneeze it could cause you to crash, or if you sneeze on the edge of a cliff and lose your balance?

      I heard once that if you sneeze with your eyes open the force would make them pop out, but I don’t think this is true either!

      Hope this helps!

    • Photo: Tim Fosker

      Tim Fosker answered on 22 Jun 2011:

      Hi @drstilesjlstermerrygold98

      I think Suzi’s right, or at least I hope so – I have quite bad hayfever this time of year and I wouldn’t want to sneeze myself to death 😀