• Question: What food gives you the energy that will last the longest, not sugary things that wear off quickly, but long lasting energy foods?

    Asked by kibo to Damien, Rachael, Simon, Suzi, Tim on 16 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Suzi Gage

      Suzi Gage answered on 14 Jun 2011:

      Hi @kibo
      Great question!
      I like long distance running, so this is really important to me! Before a big race I need to eat complex carbohydrates. These contain sugars, but it takes the body longer to break them down so they give you energy for longer.

      Things like pasta, bread, porridge and bananas are all good things to give you long term energy boosts! But if you don’t burn them up they turn in to fat, so beware 🙂

      Hope this answers your question 🙂

    • Photo: Damien Hall

      Damien Hall answered on 16 Jun 2011:

      I think that’s a question for a nutritionist really – that’s a scientist who knows about food! – but, as far as I know, the answer is things that have a lot of protein in them. The best source of protein is meat, but it’s not often easy to carry that around as a snack (though there’s always a Peperami!) – but another good source of protein which IS easier to carry around is nuts. So, if you find yourself getting peckish halfway between meals, carry some nuts or a Peperami around with you. Don’t eat them in class if you’re not allowed to, though!

      I’m hungry now. I’m on a train; might go and get myself a ham sandwich …