Tim Fosker

Photo: Tim

Me and my Work: I measure the electricity produced by children’s brains to discover how children understand speech and learn to read.

Status: oh no I completely missed a chat :-( I’m so sorry Lathallan School class S5!

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Suzi Gage

Photo: Suzi

Me and my Work: I use data already collected by other scientists to see if there’s a link between smoking cannabis and illnesses like psychosis and depression.

Status: Thank-you so much everyone! I am really really happy to have won, and I can't wait to make my podcasts now :)

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Simon Bennett

Photo: Simon

Me and my Work: I trying to learn more about how the brain wires itself together in the first weeks after birth.

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Rachael Ward

Photo: Rachael

Me and my Work: For my most recent job I studied how brain cells (neurons) communicate with one another.

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Damien Hall

Photo: Damien

Me and my Work: I interview people and analyse the sounds, and that helps us find stuff out about the people and the society they live in.

Status: Well into the swing of the chats now. Nothing like a 20-minute IM session to increase your typing speed afterwards!

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